Monday, September 26, 2005

Cabled Scarf; Baby Lion Wash Wrap

A lot happened this weekened. My best friend moved to Dallas. I will miss him being around, but wish him the best. I hope he finds in Dallas what San Francisco did not offer. I also met a cousin I never met before from Southern California. I donated some clothes to goodwill courtesy of my friend who moved to Dallas. Lots of needle work mending clothes. I need to get some buttons for a coat and need to post some pictures for another website I help keep up.

On another note the Quilt Afghan will have to wait as I ran out of yarn , I had to order it online so it will be sometime before I finish it. Can you believe that. I am two rows away from finishing this quilt. Ah! The Taurus patience will pay off.

Two projects that are next are the lionbrand baby bath wrap, I am including this picture whose copyright is

I did get a picture of a scarf I knitted about 8 years ago it is my favorite scarf and I made a sweater to match it, I no longer have the sweater.

Happy Birthday to my sister , may we enjoy more good times together!

Until later this week.

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Scott Hooper said...

Andy, the baby in the picture is cute. Was this a pattern from one of their yarn skeins?

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