Saturday, July 11, 2015

“Blaincéad” a Baby Blanket

Leanbh Blaincead Collage(1)

 Blaincéad translated from Irish means  Blanket. It is a simple lacy baby blanket inspired by the staggered eyelet stitch. Main picture is 25 repetitions of main pattern with 5 Rows of seed stitch at the beginning and at the end of the blanket. Measuring 27 inches in width by 30 inches in length, not blocked.  This is about 250 Grams or 615 yards or about 5 skeins of the CotLin yarn.   Blocked to 30 inches by 38 inches.  The Teddy Bear shown is the Arkoudáki Bear.  You may click on the hyperlinked name or copy and paste in your browser the following link if you prefer to do so.


st(s) = stitch(es)               k2tog = knit two sts together

Gauge:                 10  sts  and 14 Rows = 2 inches in pattern.

Needles:              US 4 3.5 mm

Yarn:                     DK CotLin Knit Picks About 5 skeins or 615 yds for size shown.

Notions:               2 or more stitch markers, darning needle.

The pattern is in multiples of 4 sts, plus 3 sts.  Once you know how many stitches you will be casting on, add 5 more sts for the left border and 5 more sts for the right border.  The extra 10 stitches are for the seed stitch border.  The blanket shown in main picture is 125 sts.  This blanket has a left border of 5 sts, 112 + 3 = 115 sts for the main body and 5 more sts for the right border, this gives you a total of 125 sts.

Begin Pattern by using your favorite cast one method, and cast on the appropriate number of sts.

Note:  You may place a stitch marker after the first 5 sts and before the last 5 sts.  These will be your left and right borders.  Charted instructions have been provided on Page 3.
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