Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Esho Funi" Cowl with lace

Esho Funi Cowl Collage3A

“Esho Funi” Cowl with Lace. This pattern was inspired by the Japanese feather pattern by Barbara G. Walker , from the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It has been adapted for a cowl in the round with some modifications for a more balanced look.

Esho Funi is a Japanese concept of non-duality of life and its environment. The principle that life and its environment, though two seemingly distinct phenomena, are essentially non-dual; they are two integral phases of a single reality.


1) Wollemeise Lace Garn (75 gms), 435 yds. (green or petersilie)

Green Cowl at 96 sts , 30 grams, 174 yards, blocked to 24” round and 9.5 “ tall.

2) Courchevel, 90% Mink 10% Silk, Light Fingering , 383 yards (lipstick red)

Red Cowl at 144 sts , 30 grams, 230 yards
blocked to 36 inches in the round and 9.5 inches tall,

Needles: US 8 or 5.0 mm, circulars or dpns

Gauge: about 8 stitches and 12.5 Rows = 2 inches ;
Two repeats in pattern; 24 sts = 6 inches wide and about 20 Rows = 4 inches tall

Stitch markers (recommended). Stitch markers help with your stitch count and repetitions.
Blocking boards and (stainless) pins.

This Cowl comes in different sizes. S(mall) at 96 sts, (M)edium at 144 sts, (L)arge at 192 sts. These are just suggested lengths you may make one that is smaller or larger. This pattern has negative ease.

The Green Cowl at 96 sts was 18 “ in the round by 9” tall unblocked, and after being blocked it expanded to 24” round and 9.5 “ tall.

Pattern Notes:

This pattern was designed using Intwined Studio software. Some of the written instructions may seem redundant, but be assured that they should be without errors. Sometimes you will find instructions like “ssk2” or “ssk3”. This means that the instruction for the ssk stitch will be done (ssk2) twice or (ssk3) three times respectively. I have allowed the software verbosity to be present as to stay away from making a mistake by trying to shorten the instructions.

Sells for $ 6.00


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