Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Arkoudaki" a Teddy Bear

The Bears Collage Lomo

Arkoudáki is the name of a Teddy Bear in Greek. This Arkoudaki (pronounced” arcoo-dákey” )is made on the round from start to end. I have made many Teddy Bears in my life, crocheted and knit. I like knitted bears and was inspired to make one that required as little sewing as possible. This is the bear that came out of my personal experience with different patterns.

This Bear aims to remind us of the childlike nature of us all. I hope it brings a smile to the inner child in you or a child friend. This pattern takes advantage of the use of 4 or 5 Double Pointed Needles (that I will refer to as DPNs from here on). You may use two circular needles if you want or magic loop if preferred. Stuffing a Teddy Bear is as much an art as making one. Gauge is not important, but makes a difference in the way your bear looks. Special thanks to Jen Catalone, Kesten Davis, Michelene Russell, Sherilyn for their input, feedback and help in testing this pattern. There are modifications to this pattern for an Elf like (Pointy Ears) & Martian or Venusian Bear (Antennae).

 Read and look at all the pages. I hope these ideas help you in creating your personalized bear!

Suggested Yarns:

Rowan Tweed DK 60 grams 165 yards.
Lambs Pride 95 grams, 160 yards,
Pioneer organic merino, 160 yards, 50 grams About 160 to 200 yds of Dk weight, worsted weight yarn, 10 to 20 yards of contrasting yarn for the embroidery of nose, eyes, mouth, (antennae).

US 6, 4.00 mm , 4 or 5 DPNs (double pointed needles) 6 “ in length for DK or Worsted Weight.
US F, 3.75 mm, Crochet Hook, Stitch Markers, Darning Needle Filling material of choice, Poly Fill or Cotton, or even yarn itself.

Pattern Notes: You may use any yarn that you want. Gauge is not that important. The needles should be the appropriate size for the yarn or smaller. I am a loose knitter, so I want to suggest that you make a small swatch and see if the fabric you created using the yarn and needles of your choice to create your personalized Bear. If you use dark colors, like brown, charcoal or black, you may need to use a small yardage of white or ecru yarn to create the white of the eyes, then make the eyes. I have used my homespun yarn to make plenty of bears. Handspun yarns give these bears a more personal touch, nevertheless any yarn that you like may be adapted to this pattern. Remember these are just suggestions and guides to make the best Teddy Bear ever. This may be a toy if you embroider the eyes, nose and mouth. Parental discretion is always paramount, be careful if you use doll joints, eyes or noses, they are choke hazards for children or adults.

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