Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scairf Lasa a lace scarf

 "Scairf Lasa" A lace scarf. 

Scairf Lasa (3)

Scairf Lasa is the translation in Irish for Lace Scarf. It is a very simple name for a very simple scarf.
I think that men don’t wear enough lace, because we are not used to it or don’t see it as part of
our wardrobe. I encourage you not to take that as a command, it is just an opinion. A lace scarf
can become elegant, Spartan, delicate, sensual. I believe the person wearing the scarf is the one
who chooses what message the scarf broadcasts to the world. This pattern was inspired by
Barbara G. Walker’s “Coverleaf Eyelet Cable” from the collection of books A Treasury of Knitting
Patterns, by Schoolhouse Press.

Gauge = 8 sts = 2 “ and 14 Rows = 2 “ in Stockinette stitch
Needle size 4 mm or US 6
Suggested yarn Wollemeise Twin

Blocked to size 76 inches by 9.5 inches Main Picture No border.

Estonian Cast On or Knit Cast On video Link HERE or copy and paste


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