Saturday, January 25, 2014

Old Forge 2014 Gifted

We can do it!  This is a funny take on Jodie the Riveter, nevertheless it shows that we men can do things as well as women,lol.  Sometimes in the middle of life  gender and crafts cross, back and forth.  This is my second Old Forge by Stephen West.  I ordered the yarn from, Beaverslide Dry Goods again.  It is from Montana and I love it.  One of the things I like about this yarn is the fact that is two ply.  One of the plies is without knots, but the second has some.  It is so fantastic and easy to fuse the yarn and they disappear.  They don't make this heavy duty knots that are impossible to fuse.  I say I will continue buying this yarn in the near future. 
Anders Old Forge (2a)
The green that you see is not from them, I actually had to custom dye the yarn for the people I am gifting this blanket.  I was going to anyway, it did not matter which yarn I bought, dyeing was going to be included in the gift, lol.  It goes perfect with their decor.  They were the people that were kind enough to let us house sit while our flat was being remodeled.  I told the lady of the house that I was going to make them this blanket.  She said I did not have to, but I know they will appreciate it.  We took care of their kitty Mona and had a very sane flat remodeling without losing our minds.  This is all for today, but there is more for tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

 Anders Old Forge (7)

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