Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Felting and more

Tablet felted bag
My life is almost back to normal after months of craziness.  At any rate, felting is not really a very predictable craft.  Well for starters not all colors felt the same way, some times some yarns, even though they are wool, they just don't want to felt.  I always found alpaca to felt very easy, but lamb's wool is a different story specially if it has color or if it has been bleached.  This bag took a lot of coercion to felt and even after a lot of agitation, it kind of felt about 85 to 90 percent.  I did learn something very nice about felting seed stitch using two colors, one color every two rows, It looks fantastic.  I will be spinning some time this week.  My friend Naomi was very kind and send me some of her extra stasthed fiber that she thought I could turn into yarn.  I am also due to make two hats for a friend.  He wants them in acrylic and I just got the yarn the other day, because I had to get rid of the yarn he gave me before.  This yarn even though is acrylic as well, is a bit softer.  Anyway , hope you are having a great week , thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fulling around

Later on this blog I will share the ordeal of a lifetime.  Somehow I will share the remodeling of my home, with the challenges we encountered.  I will do so because I want to share my experience and how I manage the challenge.  I did find help online, but I can tell you  that my common sense, my scientific background and the prayers, encouragement and goodwill of friends , personal physician and my Buddhist Practice, helped me to be triumphant. 

This is my work in progress right now, it is a boring knit that will get fulled, which is almost felting.  I am hoping to do is boil this sleeve and force the fabric to fuse a bit.  This is a sleeve for my Acer Iconia Tablet.  I used size 10.50 US needles instead of US 13, it makes a big difference, but not for what I am hoping to do. I could have crochet it instead of knittting it, but sometimes crochet fabric does not felt as well as knitted fabric.

I am always amazed at life and the human experience.  You know who your true friends are when you are in the middle of sufferings.  Never lose hope as life ever changing wheel of fortune is always turning and nothing good or bad lasts forever, Be well and thanks for stopping by!

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