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Felting and more

My life is almost back to normal after months of craziness.  At any rate, felting is not really a very predictable craft.  Well for starters not all colors felt the same way, some times some yarns, even though they are wool, they just don't want to felt.  I always found alpaca to felt very easy, but lamb's wool is a different story specially if it has color or if it has been bleached.  This bag took a lot of coercion to felt and even after a lot of agitation, it kind of felt about 85 to 90 percent.  I did learn something very nice about felting seed stitch using two colors, one color every two rows, It looks fantastic.  I will be spinning some time this week.  My friend Naomi was very kind and send me some of her extra stasthed fiber that she thought I could turn into yarn.  I am also due to make two hats for a friend.  He wants them in acrylic and I just got the yarn the other day, because I had to get rid of the yarn he gave me before.  This yarn even though is acrylic as w…

Fulling around

Later on this blog I will share the ordeal of a lifetime.  Somehow I will share the remodeling of my home, with the challenges we encountered.  I will do so because I want to share my experience and how I manage the challenge.  I did find help online, but I can tell you  that my common sense, my scientific background and the prayers, encouragement and goodwill of friends , personal physician and my Buddhist Practice, helped me to be triumphant. 

This is my work in progress right now, it is a boring knit that will get fulled, which is almost felting.  I am hoping to do is boil this sleeve and force the fabric to fuse a bit.  This is a sleeve for my Acer Iconia Tablet.  I used size 10.50 US needles instead of US 13, it makes a big difference, but not for what I am hoping to do. I could have crochet it instead of knittting it, but sometimes crochet fabric does not felt as well as knitted fabric.

I am always amazed at life and the human experience.  You know who your true friends are whe…