Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blocking "Ixidor" Slouch hat

Ixidor gloss slouch (2) 
I have no idea how many hats I have made in my life.  Given the fact that is more than 50, I can tell you something about hats.  You can make hats take shape.  If I only blocked this hat flat it will be a head hugging hat.  If I block this hat on a Stainless Steel bowl, it becomes a slouch, if I blocke it on a dinner plate, you better believe it will be a Tam.  Sounds simple,doesn't it?  Nevertheless youhave to take into consideration the materials you make your hat with.  Stretching hats is an art and not all materials stretch the same, or not all materials can become what you want. 

This hat is made with 37 grams of Knit Picks gloss ,Fingering , 4 ply,70% Merino, 30% Silk.This is part of my show and tell at the MFKR 2013, thanks for stopping by!

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