Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cobasi Tempo Caps

 This was my submission to the Skacel Collection, Inc competition for last year.  It finally got published today as http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/skacel-2110493.  Thanks to my friend R. Buffalo for his help in testing and proof reading this pattern.  There are three more patterns waiting for publishing, I will release them as they get published. I want to thqank Mike Heylin for his help in photographing a very picky subject. I want to thank Karin Skacel for her support of "Men that Craft".  You can request that your local yarn store carry it interested.
 CoBasi 002 (3)
If you wonder about the colors, it is in honor of the San Francisco Giants, but who does not like orange and black together.  Thanks for stopping by!
 CoBaSi 008

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blocking "Ixidor" Slouch hat

Ixidor gloss slouch (2) 
I have no idea how many hats I have made in my life.  Given the fact that is more than 50, I can tell you something about hats.  You can make hats take shape.  If I only blocked this hat flat it will be a head hugging hat.  If I block this hat on a Stainless Steel bowl, it becomes a slouch, if I blocke it on a dinner plate, you better believe it will be a Tam.  Sounds simple,doesn't it?  Nevertheless youhave to take into consideration the materials you make your hat with.  Stretching hats is an art and not all materials stretch the same, or not all materials can become what you want. 

This hat is made with 37 grams of Knit Picks gloss ,Fingering , 4 ply,70% Merino, 30% Silk.This is part of my show and tell at the MFKR 2013, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Ixidor" A Lace Slouch Hat.

"Ixidor" A Lace Slouch Hat.  

Ixidor Collage 3

Let me present to you the latest hat in my designs.  Ixidor is a unisex lace slouchy hat. The name originates from ancient times. It means “gift of Isis”, a Goddess of ancient Egypt. It can be a regular hat, a slouch or a Tam. It all depends on how you block it. You may see it’s versatility in the main picture, worn in different ways. You.will find your favorite style, then make one for you and one for a friend.

I want to thank Naomi and Kesten for their help in proofreading and testing this hat.  I want to thank Malabrigo yarns for provinding me  with the Malabrigo Arroyo.


Friday, August 16, 2013

The Daniel as a Tam

The Daniel Tam (2)
This is the same hat design as the Daniel, it is just an extra repetition of the pattern and blocked on a dinner plate. This is how easy you can turn a hat into a tam. The trick for this is for you to make it out of wool like Kauni. I love this wool as you can make so many hats with two skeins. So far I have made 4 hats and still have enough yarn to make one or two more. If you are interested in the pattern, look for it under Knit Patterns for sale and thanks for stopping by!
The Daniel Tam (1)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Many Projects on August 2013

This past few months have been a lot of designing and entertainment for me. What follows is me making another "Daniel" hat in a slouchy mode. That is what my next hat design is going to be. Daniel 2
This hat below, is what I am testing at the moment.  It is made with Malabrigo Arroyo superwash and it is delicous.  I am hoping to Publsh the pattern by the end of the month. It is a fun knit , the hat can be made into a slouch or Tam by just blocking, otherwise the hat stays a bit more snug, hugging your head.  I actually have had a tester made a hat with the instructions and the chart as well.  There were some great suggestions for a future hat.  This hat has a unisex target, but leaning toward  neutral genderless wear.
 Mystery Hat2b
I have also been doing a Craftsy Class from Franklin Habit, "Heirloom Lace Edges", so far the class has been a fun venue and having Franklin talk to you is a bonus. Well I have to continue knitting and hope to have something more finished today.  Thanks for stopping by!
Heirloom Edges

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