Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Pink Brethren ...

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This continues to be the best men's sock pattern I have found on the net. Next month I am hoping to make another pair of these babies in a special colorway. The Colorway is called "Eye of Jupiter". Happy Father's Day to the great Dads here. PinkBrethren (12)

I am also working on other things some come crochet, but the time is not here yet to test.  It is in the desing form and I hope to have a new Crochet Man Shawl and perhaps an Icelandic Inspired hat, knit or crochet, I am not sure yet.  Hope all the fathers are having a great day. Thanks for stopping by!
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November 2018 ?

Here I am two weeks after I moved by myself.  I am now starting to feel the burn.  I have spent 17 years with a pretty good man.  He was ...