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Lopapeysa in Progress

I have started my journey with the Lopapeysa mode.  It is the Icelandic way of knitting or rather making fabric.  I feel a hat coming on with a crochet touch, very soon , very soon. The yarn is Encore Chunky, so is 80% acrylic and 20 % wool, perfect for the San Francisco weather.
This is a top down sweater and a very interesting fellow, Odinn is designed by Ragga or properly know as Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir .  I am also taking a class by her on on making a top down cardigan.  I decided to try a sweater by her as well.  I have a peculiar body shape, I am short and stocky, so I can normally make things for small -short people, but my chest is definitely a medium size.  So in my sweater journey, I am using the short person version of ROWS with the Medium Person stitch count , lol.  It will work.  At this moment, I am ready to put the sleeves on separate needles or waste yarns and continue knitting the body of the sweater.  More pictures to come.  Thanks for stopping by.

The Pink Brethren ...

This continues to be the best men's sock pattern I have found on the net. Next month I am hoping to make another pair of these babies in a special colorway. The Colorway is called "Eye of Jupiter". Happy Father's Day to the great Dads here.

I am also working on other things some come crochet, but the time is not here yet to test.  It is in the desing form and I hope to have a new Crochet Man Shawl and perhaps an Icelandic Inspired hat, knit or crochet, I am not sure yet.  Hope all the fathers are having a great day. Thanks for stopping by!

Colour by Craft Andy

Today was one of those days that my life became more colorful.  I can honestly say that a yarn is as good as it dyes.  I bought this yarn from Drew Emborsky with the purpose of eventually dyeing it.  It took the dye like a champ and remained soft and fluffy.  I wanted to make a very bright orange yarn.  I am trying these new dyes from Greener Shades, the dyes are a bit more greener than others and they use citric acid as a catalyst for the protein fibers yarns.

The  picture above is before and the picture below is after.  I used the Sunset Orange.  I also added a bit of vinegar and it was all a great chemical reaction that was environmentally friendly.
This is the whole picture. All the yarns I dyed today, they were a different colour just a few hours ago.The far right yarn was greenish, now is brownish.

I also had a Wollemeise Limone that I wanted to make into Tandoori Masala, and I think that I made it.This is the before picture of the limone. This brand of yarns is also a magni…