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Djerba Moon Hat

Hey everyone, is about that time of the year, the time for Stitches West.  This is the hat  I wanted to share. Work in progress.  The hat is modified from a pattern I got on Ravelry, is a free pattern it is called the "Evenstar Hat".

 This hat is actually all knit, but I am not picking up stitches, instead I am making the top in crochet.   Crocheting the top is going to be done before the night is done. I re charted the hat , so that I had the least of problems knitting, the instructions are not very clear for me, but others may find it easy. It has taken me a long time to make the head band, but before the night is over, I will be done with the crochet top.  The band is made flat and grafted closed.

Well it is done. It has given me a lot of inspiration for a future hat. Thanks for stopping by!

Evenstar Border a WIP

What you see above is the simplest most efficient way of beading with Superfloss.  The floss has a rigid end and a spongy  core.  You have to cut it down a bit, not much.  YOu get your beads in a row and the when needed, you use this floss to work this out.  I will try to make a video during the weekend to show you how it is done.  I saw it on a  this video link HERE , but I don't like to link videos that may disappear or not lol.  So if you click the video link it should take you to you tube and there you will see the wondrous idea from  The Knit Girllls .
In the photo above you see a blue cord, that is an addi click cord, is what I used instead of a waste yarn.  When I am done with the border it will be a flash to graft this together with live stitches.

This photo above is the right side of the border.  I can not tell you how beautiful it is in real life, compared to the picture.  The silver lined glass beads look like drops of water that shine like diamonds.  Anyway my peeps,…

Double Life line in Lace

I am at the threshold of the beginning of the end of this pattern.  There is a second lifeline on the penultimate round.  There is another Life line below as well. The border is very similar to the border of the "Old Forge".  The similarity is that it binds off the pattern as you make it.  For every 10 live stitches you have 20 rows of border, there are beads on the every other round, lots of them which is fine with me.  I decided to put removable stitch markers every 10 stitches, this will lower the chances of dropping a stitch or not being able to discover if you made a mistake. I am very glad that I have made similar projects in the past.  I am very happy that experience is always a good thing to have and call upon.   This project was started on September 28, 2012 and I am hoping it will be finished, blocked and shipped by the end of February 2013.  Thanks for stopping by.