Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brickstreet Blocking

This is not the best picture of this afghan, but  I needed to thread the needle with this one.  I had a bit of a deadline.  Since this picture I have adjusted the afghan more as you look at it , you understand where it needs to stretch to.  It became wider than longer, but it does not really something that matters, as it is supposed to be a rectangle. I used some recycled yarn from the hemlock ring I made a while ago.  This brown yarn is Cascade Eco wool and it looks like it is perfect for this kind of border.  I even doubled the strands, it is very nice to the touch.  Hope to have it dry by the evening, it is with a fan on and today is not raining.  Hope to show you a better picture in the next few days.  Thanks for stopping by!

November 2018 ?

Here I am two weeks after I moved by myself.  I am now starting to feel the burn.  I have spent 17 years with a pretty good man.  He was ...