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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Silk Bell Caps Hand dyed

A few years ago, I got some supplies from Earthues for natural dyeing.  So here is the dye stock ready and cooling for tomorrow along with the Bells soaking in Alum and Cream of tartar with a few drops of synthrapol.
I am nervous , yet excited. lol. I did most of it to dye at least 4 ounces each. I have about 70 grams of silk.  This bottle should be enough to dye 1 pound of fabric,yarn, roving, so enough to get some swirling action and have fun. I want to do Indigo, but that is some other time. I want to dedicate my total attention to Indigo as it is a bit more complex, requiring more attention, and in a way less work.  The potions should be good if unused for about 6 months or a year I believe.SilkBellsSoak
So the silk caps are getting wet.  I had no idea how hard they were to get water into them, they need to soak for about 12 hours or more.  Hope to have some dyeing action in a few minutes and create a lovely mirage of four silk caps which is how many I have.  Thanks for stopping by.