Sun Satchel a Design by Stephen West

Colonial UnitySatchel (2)
I have to say that this was a very interesting knit project to felt.  I was very happy to see that my dye job was perfect no bleeding after it got felted.Colonial UnitySatchel (4)
There is nothing like Alpaca to make a felted bag, it is very easy to felt and responds well to front loader washers. The Pockets came out nice,  I really like the idea of having felted pockets as well.. Colonial UnitySatchel (3)
Is a little bit big on one side on the joining band, but it will be fine. This is due to a home spun jacob alpaca blend that had too much twist .  I try to take as much twist out of it as possible, and in the end it came out better than expected.   I have a front loader washer and it was perfect for this. I definitely recommend this pattern for people that want to see what felting is like.  Below is the before felting look hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for stopping by!
satchel 003

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