Stephen West "Old Forge"

The Old Forge has been finished. What a great knit. Since I am a loose knitter I should have foreseen the need of an extra skein, but it did not matter much. Once the ends are weaved, you may use an iron to steamed block the blanket.  You hover the iron over the blanket on the wrong side.  It stretched naturally to 6 feet across easily.
OldForgeBlocking (2)

The greatness of this blanket is that it is easy to make, even at 600 stitches, lol. I found that I was very entertained.  You definitely should use stitch markers.  The stitch markers were a highly valued tool with this blanket. Whenever I made a mistake I knew I was within a section and I discovered it within the section.  The garter stitch border is ingeniously the perfect way to bind off by knitting the 600 stitches.  I grafted the end with a kitchener stitch and presto. I have to say that this is a fantastic gift idea and at under $150  in materials, not a bad deal. It took me 17 days to knit this guy and if I was going to sell it, is $500 to  $1000 blanket is I ever saw one. It is one of the most fun knits I have done in my life.  Thanks for stopping by!

NatasiOldForge (1)

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