Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"The Philosopher's Toque"

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“The Philosopher’s Toque” was born at the first Men’s West Coast Fall Knitting Retreat at Point Bonita, California in 2008. It is a Tapestry Crochet Hat honoring the Tree of Life. You may use yarns from dk to Worsted weight.The design has the ability of creating hats for a baby, teenager or an adult. From 12” to 26” in circumference, whichever size you choose. Gauge is dependent on tension, hook size & yarn weight, allowing you to be creative in sizing. The technique used to make these hats creates a dense fabric, keeping your head warm by design. If you substitute the yarn, make a swatch and block it, so there are no surprises. Block hats following the manufacturer’s suggested washing instructions. On last page of the pattern, you will find useful video links from me, and helpful information for making smaller hat sizes.  I want to thank R.Buffalo for his help and feedback in the making & testing of this pattern.There are more hats to come, and as exciting as this one.  Thanks for stopping by!
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