Friday, April 06, 2012

More Hats to come on 2012


This is just a preview of the hat that is being tested.  This hat and it's bigger sizes should be coming out this month for publishing.  I am very Happy to announce that there will be some Knit hats in Fair Isle, making their debut in the next few months.  I just ordered the yarn for the next hat in Fair Isle and I am hoping to have a great looking Hat before May 2012 ends.  Remember that I have a sale until midnight tomorrow April 8th, 2012.   You can click on the link below and enter the Code Daniel , you will get 50% off any of my patterns. .  I am trying to raise funds for my Knit Crochet Camp Registration.  I appreciate your contributions, but better than that, you get a pattern or two for half price. Thanks for stopping by!

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