Friday, March 09, 2012

Hiya Hiya 000-000 0.7 mm

This babies are small and very delicate. This is a pair of Hiya Hiya circular needles on size 000-000 (6) Zeroes, you got it right. I got them from  They are joined by a very delicate thread which I will say is some kind of fishing nylon. It looks strong, the needles actually look like a good set of needles. My review at this moment is that I like them. I will make a swatch with different yarns and see how they come out. That is an American dime and an American quarter used for scale purposes. They say the are made out of steel. Well until I work with them during this weekend I can not tell you what they knit like. They feel very delicate, but nonetheless are strong and flexible. I did not know they made knitting needles this small. I know there are scientific and medical instruments even smaller. Until later with swatches, thanks for stopping by!

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