"Daniel " A Fair Isle Hat

May I present you my First Fair Isle Pattern.  "Daniel" A Fair Isle Hat
DanielAFairIsleHat (29a)

“Daniel“  A Fair Isle Hat.  Easy to make, with plenty of ways to start or finish it. Using knits and purls for ribbing you have options. This is a basic Fair Isle hat , that will get your feet wet into the world of Color Stranding. You can play around with the size by using different yarns and needle sizes.  You  will have “floats” (carried yarn) across the back of the work.  Floats need to be relaxed, otherwise your hat will be too tight. The hat shown is 8 inches tall and 22 inches wide unblocked, the infant hat is 12 inches circumference and 5.5 tall.  Daniel was named with the help of Gina Hooten.  Thanks to my friends James Herbison and Joe Wilcox for their suggestions and proof reading. Thanks to Naomi for helping me with the Picture Selection

DanielAFairIsleHat (3)

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