Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Solstice Arrow" A Crochet Hat

"Solstice Arrow" A Crochet Hat by Crafty Andy ©. I want to give special thanks to R. Buffalo Jr. for helping me with the testing and proof reading of this pattern. His help is always appreciated, along with the other testers that happen to want a challenge of color and texture. This is a hat to celebrate the Solstice and to bring some cheer into your life. It is a very simple Tapestry Crochet Hat.  You can use almost any kind of yarn, but dk weight is the yarn suggested. The yarn featured here is HiKoo  Simplicity, but any dk weight yarn is acceptable. I like superwash merino like HiKoo, it makes it easy to wash, dry and wear.
The Techniques used in these hats allow for some breathing at the crown and it allows you to block it to size. The technique makes a dense fabric. If you are making a hat for an infant you can add chin straps to hold the hat in place.  When you block this hat, it may grow in circumference 2 to 4 inches, and 1 to 2 inches in length. I block my hats by getting them wet in warm water and allowing them to dry over a bowl. The bowl may be plastic or stainless steel. Solsticeduo
This is another hat that is perfect for the family and you can make different sizes taking advantage of yarn weight, hook size and tension, thus creating a gauge that will allow you to make the perfect hat. You need to know your Front Post stitches and the basics of hat construction. Weaving the ends should be a breeze. Color combinations is limitless. This pattern is PDF format and it has a video link to a demonstration. Great for the Holidays!

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