Nook Touch Review


I am very happy to promote this device, from the Colonies of Men. It is a good technology and you can cut the wireless before the Cylons hack into it.  Seriously, if you are looking for a good E-Reader, the Nook Touch is a basic yet fantastic e-reader. It is not an IPAD, nor it is competition for the IPAD, but it is a great pocket size  E-Reader. I can tell you that given  the latest software update, version 1.1, the e-ink is more crisp and the system is very fast. If you look at some of my previous posts you will see my old Nook ,(1st Edition), which I traded in for an upgraded Tablet, but that is for Xmas.  This Nook has a touch screen, it weighs  a bit less than half a pound, or 8 ounces. It feels like a paperback novel and at night with a bit of light you can read your book under candle light. No email, no ads, you have access to the Barnes and Noble shop,   It is easy to bookmark, search and I am very happy with the device.  I am hoping to make a nice cover so that I can take it with my and know it is protected.  I am hoping to make a pattern in the next few days. I hope this review helps you with the selection of your E-Reader.  I do like paper, but I am more happy with the idea that no paper is ever getting lost, I can archive my books once I am done and they are still available in other devices. I think this is the best compact, pocket size, E-Reader on the market. Thanks for stopping by!

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