Friday, November 25, 2011

A bit of History

PalacioSerrallesPonce (1)
The patio of the Serralles Castle has a fantastic view.  It is full of beautiful flowers and trees. You can see the Caribbean Sea from the house.  The house is an actual museum and it is a fun place to visit.  We had a great tour this time as well, this is my sencond time here.

MariposarioSerralles (1)
Butterflies , from all stages of their metamorphosis from pupae to butterfly.
PalacioSerrallesPonce (3)
Second picture from Below, you will find a butterfly from the butterfly conservatory. The lst time I visited there were no Butterflies in the conservatory. We also got the opportunity to see some Guaraguaos or Puerto Rican Hawks, looking for prey. The day was very productive and tomorrow is another adventure. If you come to Ponce , this is a must see. Thanks for stopping by!

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