Wednesday, October 05, 2011

It's Tunisian Crochet

October finds me in the middle of Tunisian Crochet, well the beginning of the middle, lol.  I am working on two different patterns to start. The Shades of Sage  "MoEZ" Afghan.  Which by the way is an insane cool way to learn how to make fabric in Tunisian Crochet.  It is suppose to be made in one piece, but I can't handle the ends floating around. I decided to make it in strips and then join then.  I got gauge, but let me tell you one of the yarns , which I got as a gift , is not the best yarn in the world, Galway is the yarn, I would never buy that yarn, I don't know if it was just the batch I was given or if it is in general, but from my experience I will not spend a penny on this yarn, which I did not.  I am mixing the yarn with some of my homespun and that is working perfectly.

The other pattern is the "Geo Scarf " on your left. It is a Tunisian Crochet Short rows scarf. It is another great way of learning what you can do with a Tunisian Stitch hook and the various possibilities. The link is for Ravelry, but I am sure you can get it through her Website . I have admire Kim's work for a long time and do own some of her patterns.  I am aiming to get inspired by these and create a great Shawl under my name that will be a fantastic design to wear.  I am taking a break from designing as sometimes you need to do, so that I can get inspiration to make more beautiful things.  There are some videos coming, one with a locally made Turkish Spindle, and some weaving for charity. I hope you have a great week and may your fall be full of wonder.  Thanks for stopping by

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