Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Rose Grey Alpaca

AndersRoseAlpaca175yd112gms (2)
Sometimes what amazes me about spinning is how things turn out.  This Rose Grey Alpaca was perfect, some vegetable matter, twigs only, but clean very clean otherwise.  The water that I used to set the twist with was clear and that made me happy.  Alpaca is one of those fibers that is perfect for the beginner spinner, longer staple and very forgiving of mistakes.  This is a two ply with 178 yards at 112 grams, which is perfect.  This is half of the 8 ounces I purchase on EBay.  There is another 4 ounces that I am hoping to spin sometime this month, maybe next week.  I say August started with me Finishing projects left and right and accomplishing goals and that is a great way of entering a month.  I wanted to share this with you before I went to my crochet and knitting, they need some time as well.  Thanks fro stopping by.
AndersRoseAlpaca175yd112gms (4)

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