Sunday, July 24, 2011

San Jose Quilt & Textile Museum

SanJoseQuiltsNTextilesMuseum (5)
As you know I won the tickets to go and visit this place in San Jose.  It is very small, I will say is a small gallery.  Some day it may become a big museum, it has two or three rooms for display and a store that sells some yarn and fabric, books and patterns. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had to visit this place for free.  They have lots of exhibits during the year and the Ladies that manage the place are a delight to talk to.  I saw my friend's Pattern, "The Four Directions", From Kyle William.  You can see the whole place in thirty minutes .  Sunday there is free parking.  I enjoy my travel to San Jose and I was glad to have been to the exhibit. "Primary Structures", it was something interesting. They don't allow pictures in the Museum. All I can say is,  I was able to take pictures inside the British Museum. I don't understand this American obsession with no photography. They said copyright, but I say is not.  The Art that has been done for centuries by the Native  American Indians can be seen anywhere.  They do sell pictures in the gallery, so that tells you what the real reason is behind.  No big deal, just the way things are.  Thanks Fiber Beat, thanks to you  , we had a great time!
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On another note, we saw the little movie about knitters.  There were some nice Yarn bombs in front of the place. Knitters and crocheters rock this world, spinners and weavers too! Thanks for stopping by!

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