Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Klingon Ambassador

KlingonSocksetPainsticks (4)
The first sock is finished and the second one has been started.  I guess I did not know what to expect from fair Isle Socks, this is definitely a great pattern to really push these techniques to the front of the line.  The reason behind is that some floats may be longer than 6 stitches, so this gives you the opportunity to practice hiding them with the yarn wrapping technique.  Nevertheless I can tell you that I am not very happy with the blue-black Cascade Heritage as far as color goes, but is OK.  The red Wollemeisse is vibrant and rich, a great yarn to handle I can see the attraction people have to it, great quality, big amount of yardage and colors that are to dye for. So here is my first Sock and I will leave you to your weekend.  I am going to a Picnic I did not know and I will take my camera and my yarn to design some kind of hat that is simple , or maybe not that simple.  Thanks for stopping by.

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