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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Relax it is just socks

RisaAwaitsWIP (1) 
To me the ability of making my own socks is amazing. This pattern that  I am starting is amazing and not for the faint of heart.  It is a  Starfleet Fair Isle Socks kind of sock knitting, and it almost follows the rules when it comes to stitches.  It is a big challenge and I am hoping that I can take the challenge along.  I am going to put a safe line  on the top  before I start the pattern, because I can go up to 80 sts if it is too tight, but will enjoy the 72 at the cuff.  It calls to go up a needle size, but if I played my needles right and my tension right , I should be able to knit lose and mimic going up a needle size.  The cuff was knit in the way I knit when I need to apply tension to the yarn, so it goes by the gauge I was asked to have. It is all in the fun and is what I am doing.

RisaAwaitsWIP (3)
I am also very busy with designing and some will be posted here and some is for a Yarn Company that I am hoping they will embrace the crochet bug.  The first hat is definitely a family hat.  All the members of the family can have their own hat, following the same pattern, from the baby to the grand father, it will all be possible with these patterns, I am sharing the news, the rest is a secret that I can not share with you for now.  Thanks for stopping by.