Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just in Case Our World does not End!

Since I was very young I heard people talking about the end of the world.  I say respect that, because I know people have different believes and different ideas.  Just in case the world does not end, be prepared to be kind beyond the call of duty.  I am sure some people will not pay their mortgage and some will be selling or giving away their stuff.  They forget that There are many instances in the history of the World and of the Christian religion that people thought they were sure the world was going to end, like in  like in 1843 or 1844 The true Millerites prepared with their usual thoroughness. Many families bought ascension robes (sold by Miller) and waited in carefully dug family graves. Nothing happened. Unperturbed, Miller simply moved the date up to Mar. 21, 1844.  There are many accounts. There there is 2012 still to come.

I guess I just think different. Be nice because you want to be nice, not because you will go to heaven.  If the God of the Bible is all knowing He knows what is truly in your heart . People see in the Bible what they want to see and they read what they want to read.  I don't think the Bible was written with such elasticity, but maybe it was.  as a friend said one time, the Bible says is ok to have slaves from some bordering nations, why don't we do that today?  My point is that Religion is a basic human right and need.  Nobody can deny there is something beyond us that seems to make this Chaotic Universe work in some kind of chaotic order, yet an order none the less.

Whether the world ends today or ends in my lifetime or not, I choose to live life passionately and with kindness.  I won't allow bigotry of any kind . I guess to ask people to pray for the happiness of all mankind  and all living things is too much to ask, but give it a try next time you are ready to complain.  Sometimes we have to complain, it is in our nature, but what is more important is that we don't stop loving and living. People will always talk about you, and thank them for that, otherwise you are ignored or insignificant.  In the end who cares what they say about you, only you know the real truth about who you are and what you are. Only you know what it is to walk in your shoes.

There are Basic Universal Rights and and in my opinion they are not found in any book on this planet, but they are universal.Is my opinion and not necessarily meant to make any religious believes not true. I guess I am trying to be pragmatic and agreeing to disagree with many or some.    Like the freedom of expression, the freedom to worship, the right to clean air and water, the right to medicines and healthcare for all no matter how evil or good you are, how rich or poor. Is not socialism to give everyone the medication they need or the medical care they require, it is humanistic necessary and compassionately human.  I think that Religion is misused by people that want to control and want to have power over other people.  They are as power hungry as the politicians, don't fool yourself. So to close this note, be kind to each other, and maybe we will discover the real meaning of life or maybe not.  One thing is for sure any Religion that Claims to hold the Only truth is a Religion to be skeptical about.  Since I don't like to live in fear, I choose to live life to the fullest and be a nice person , as nice as I can muster that is, yep we all have limitations lol.  I encourage you to look for similarities and things in common with other people and to work for global justice.  Be kind to the planet there is definitely no Stargate that we know available for the Exodus of Mankind.  The Cylons are not coming to get us, and we all have to go through the cycles of birth, life, sickness and death, make your life a success live with honor. Thanks for stopping by!

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