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Sunday, May 22, 2011

iDye my Yarns please

Here is the great Trio that I played with during this weekend. It was a fun experiment in dyeing.
ColoredLionBrandYarn2011 (4)
I went to dye yarn and used a fisherman's from Lion Brand and some Rit Dye, iDye and the fun began.  The iDye black  or any black dye are tricky dyes and it wanted to give me a gray color, Sometimes  Black dyes are a deep Navy blue or a deep eggplant purple, but is not black like the rit black or the food coloring black.  When I first dissolved the iDye it looked like the purple black from the eggplant, I knew it was not going to work.  Rit did a great job and so did the black food coloring from  Mc Cormick. Below you see how clearly black the Rit addition made it, still has some bleeding, but nothing to write home about.  Since it has to be hand washed anyway, I believe is acceptable.
ColoredLionBrandYarn2011 (6)

I then decided to use more food coloring and enhanced the purple with neon purple.  I used vinegar to help  the binding of the color to the wool and some grape flavored kool aid, because I could not resist.  I like kool aid for yarn dyeing a lot.  So while the world was going to end, I decided to go chemical and dye yarn, the result of the chemical  experiment is below, the black was definitely adding Rit to the mixture, the middle skein is more or less the color of the iDye with Fisherman's wool, I guess it would have been a lot darker, but I did not chance it.  The purplish was a fun yarn to dye, with the colors I chose, there was no Rit black involved at all, just the iDye , kool aid, and neon purple. This was such fun and the world did not end, the GODS were pleased with my yarn and so was I.
This was the color I started with, with a soaking of the yarn in warm water and vinegar. Lion Brand yarns is one of my favorites to dye and over dye.  Thanks for stopping by there is more to come!