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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alpaca Fibers for me

I just got this in the mail  8 ounces of each cream alpaca fiber  that you see below and the Rose Grey  which this photo shows nicely.  I am hoping to spin it all to make yarn for the Great North American Afghan from XRX  in different shades of alpaca yarn, some of which I am making myself. I just wanted to do that because I think it will be very meaningful to me.
WhiteAlpaca8ounces (2)

The picture below is the one Alpaca fiber that is rare to find, and I was lucky to find it on EBay. I am a bit quiet because I am designing for a company that wants to carry some of my hat patterns under their name, and Crafty Andy is very busy making hats , testing hats and creating hats.  I had a Writer's Block for about 3 months and  few days ago while I was  chanting I go the answer I was in search of. Thank You Universe for allowing me to remove the obstacles. So to a happy end in May 2011, they World did not end, but even if it did , I would have been busy doing something.  I am not the type of going crazy if the world is going to end, some day it will, but not  because of what people think.  Sometimes I wonder if they are talking about the God from the Bible or a God from one of those TV or Movies I have seen. Those vengeful Gods that only get happy when you sacrifice virgins on an altar. I will leave it at that. Thanks for stopping by!
RoseGreyAlpaca8ounces (4)