Friday, April 08, 2011

Triton Lt. Inducted

Lords of Kobol hear my prayers I am with my induction papers, my serial number has been scrambled so that the skin jobs don't get it. It is an honor to report to the fleet and be among the humans to defend the values of Colonial Life.  I was very excited to find a place here in the USA to make these babies  here is the link QMXONLINE .  I can tell you that these tags are beyond my expectations.  I still have my original tags from when I served , these are different, but they are of great value to me and make a fa=ntasy come tryue, so is no longer a fantasy.  May the Lords of Kobol guide you to your next destination and if you see me at the Spaceport in Caprica City Say Hi, I am a science and communications officer on Galactica, my other choice was The Beast aka "Pegasus", any of the two are great, Keep you posted My transport is leaving and my friend Cayleb is calling me SO SAY WE ALL!

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