Sunday, February 27, 2011

Because being Silent is noisy!

What can I say, life is not black and white.  I used to think in black and white ways, but Life in itself teaches you that life is a lot of shades of gray, then you have your black and white.  If you go further there are lots of combinations of colors that will yield shades of black , white is the absence of color and so we think, yet when we put white light through a prism , we have a rainbow.
So I am working on a wonderful project a serendipitous Tapestry Crochet Hat that came out of an idea. from a friend who was asked about an option.  Amazingly enough I have not seen anything like it, but I will give you the Crafty Andy version of the Hat.  Yes it is a hat.I feel more than a hat coming out of it, but I make hats and maybe is because of the Leo rising in my chart.  I do have about three more hats in the works and all of them are in color work aka Tapestry Crochet mind you.  I am hoping to bring color into your life in a different way.  Crochet is such a beautiful craft, the same with knitting, I never understand the issue with people and crochet. Some people don't understand crochet and thus unable to appreciate it's beauty and artful orchestration try to belittle it.  How many times do I hear people asking me what am I knitting when I am crocheting?  Many times, they just don't think that crochet can be beautiful until they see some of my patterns.  It humbles me, but I understand that I have always had a different view of life.  My Tapestry Crochet is the way I look at the world more so than knitting and more like weaving.  Life is a lot of work and it takes a lot of colors to make it pretty.  Well more to come in a few days, no pictures until I proof read and test the pattern.  Thanks for stopping by!

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