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Because being Silent is noisy!

What can I say, life is not black and white.  I used to think in black and white ways, but Life in itself teaches you that life is a lot of shades of gray, then you have your black and white.  If you go further there are lots of combinations of colors that will yield shades of black , white is the absence of color and so we think, yet when we put white light through a prism , we have a rainbow. So I am working on a wonderful project a serendipitous Tapestry Crochet Hat that came out of an idea. from a friend who was asked about an option.  Amazingly enough I have not seen anything like it, but I will give you the Crafty Andy version of the Hat.  Yes it is a hat.I feel more than a hat coming out of it, but I make hats and maybe is because of the Leo rising in my chart.  I do have about three more hats in the works and all of them are in color work aka Tapestry Crochet mind you.  I am hoping to bring color into your life in a different way.  Crochet is such a beautiful craft, the same w…

HIKoo Simplicity

HIKooSimplicity (5)
Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy Stitches West was a fun venue, very inspiring . There were some things that I wanted to run away from, people wearing hideous garments, fibers to avoid and some crazy gadgets. Skacel is developing this new yarn line Call Simplicity and you have to give them Kudos as you get to see that you can overdye the yarn with some fun results. The purple yarn is overdyed, it has a heathery purple look and it smells like grapes. I will have something new , a secret pattern which I can only share with the few, Triton is going to create something with this yarn for the masses I am hoping that it will be a success. I have been challenged in a good way, let's see what I can deliver. Thanks for stopping by.

Famous by Proxy

Stitches West still happening at the time of this posting.  Famous by proxy as I got to meet and hang out with some of my friends who happen to be famous in my eyes.  Lots of talented people in my circle of friends even though some are not published.  The group of people from my Monday Night Knit and the Men Knitting Retreats, knitters and crocheters are a very talented bunch, very creative and it seems like an endless  fountain of inspiration.

This place is amazing and the best choice for this venue, a lot of people were in here, mostly women, very few men.  It was nice to be the center of attention as a man who knits and crochet, it seems to be such a strange thing happening, but hey we are in the San Francisco Bay Area and anything is possible.
I was able to help for two consecutive days at the Warm Up America booth.  the charity that has warmed peoples' lives since 1991. It started in a small Wisconsin town with neighbors knitting and crocheting afghans for neighbors in need. Th…

Valentine' s 2011

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy Happy Valentine's Everyone!

Retro Caprican

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy Can we survive the Ice Age?? Retro Caprican is a challenge because I am using a yarn that was not around in the time of this sweater. I believe this pattern will look luscious with this yarn. A Bernat Boatneck Classic and it is given in thre different weights of yarn and it is given in three normal sizes. Normal for the time that the pattern was written. I think is very Retro Looking even though the pattern was printed in 1960 , the same year I was born. Fantastic a celebration to my life with such a great pattern. I owe thanks to one of my friendKyle fort the gift of the yarn a few weeks ago. Hope to have this one done in a month.

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