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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Vancouver Souveniers

VancouverSouveniers (1)
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We will start from the end to the beginning lol! These were the souveniers from Vancouver and Victoria that we brought with us. There were also some T-Shirts and some yarns  which I will show in below this  post . Canada was a great country to visit. In Vancouver people are not in a hurry, they have a very easy going way of life. They are very different from Americans, not better nor worst, but they do think different.

At any rate I love the chocolates we found and the Maple and Birch Syrups. Canadian beef is fantastic and their organic burgers are everywhere for a reasonable price. Organic produce is very common in Canada which was something I liked. They have started to recycle, but not as much as we do in San Francisco. San Francisco is hoping to have 100 % recyclable and 0% trash by the year 2020. I think it is possible and I will do my best to make it possible. Our behaviors have to change, we go to the grocery store with our own bags and the same when we go to the Pharmacy.
VancouverSouveniers (3)
This yarn is from Sweet Georgia yarns, it is called "Tough Sock Love" and I purchase it at another store. More on the store with pictures later on.  This is eye candy for now.

This yarn and more  were purchased at "Three Bags Full"

4458 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 3R3, Canada
(604) 874-9665

Bus: NB Main St FS E 28 Av

I will leave you for tonight knowing that I have already classified my pictures by folder and that means within a few days we shall have pictures of the trip by venue along with some short videos. Thanks for stopping by.