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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tauron in Caprica and Debbie Stoller

TauronIn CapricaCap (2)
One of the TV Series that has inspired me more to knit and crochet has been Battlestar Galactica and now Caprica.  The Above hat is in the 101 One skein projects is called the In Between Seasons cab.  It is done in two parts ,, the band is done flat and then stitches are picked up.   My other posts will tell you more about it, here I am showing you the finished object.  The hat can be made longer if you continue to knit more than the pattern calls for, but remember this is not a ribbing headband, so it will have to stay like this while you wear it, otherwise you will not look very fashionable, lol!

TauronBoneyard (2)
Here you see sporting my Galactica Tattoo and the Boneyard scarf/shawl and the Windchief Hat, both from West Knits.  The windchief is a cowl and a hat  in one pattern, so if you are looking for something this fashionable for your neck and head, this is the pattern for you.  I don't like cowls much, they tend to make my neck shorter.

 Lastly I bought this book today as at my local yarn store, Imagiknit , Debbie will be giving a class on lace and there will be an opportunity for her  to sign my books, I am sure, but I will also bring the Son of the Stitch 'n Bitch, which is a book completely dedicated to patterns for guys. I perused lightly through this book "Superstar Knitting" and saw a lot of instructional chapters that will be  making people push their limits to the next step with more intricate designs and challenges.  She will be giving a class that I am signed up to take on Lace Knitting.  I can't wait, it is November 13, 2010 at Imagiknit.   Is nice to have the authors come along and spend time with you.  I hope you can come if you are close by.  Thanks for your visit.