A Fall Beret and a Chair

I have always loved hats, even when I had lots of hair.  There is something about a hat that is intriguing or even sexy.  It covers your head so it is a hair replacement in my opinion, lol.  A hat is also a protection against the elements.  This Beret is the MOSS STITCH BERET by Kent Turman.  The pattern is fantastic and my favorite part is that it has a beautiful fold.  I started the provisional cast-on with a crochet cast on, then when I was ready to have the live stitches, I pick them up with a circular needle and I knit the fold together as I went along one stitch from each edge.  I started with dpns, then when I was getting close to finish the brim, I switched to two circular needles.
TauronAtumnBeretNAchair (19)
I like this pattern because this beret is very versatile and can be adjusted easily.  It calls for US 3 when you begin then you switch to US7, but I know how  I knit , that would not have worked.  As Elizabeth Zimmerman would say, the stitches after the brim would have been sleazy if I did not use US 6 instead.

TauronAtumnBeretNAchair (14)
This pattern is not demanding, but you do have to pay attention to your knitting.  A person gives you  a pattern to follow, but you are responsible to make adjustments as needed. I ended using US 3 as I was about 4 rows away from finishing the crown as I wanted a very tight top, the little I-Cord stub was done with the US3.
TauronAtumnBeretNAchair (6)
The Beret is very soft due to the use of the Kid-Silk mohair strand along with the superwash Cascade Merino.  I am hoping to make more Berets in the near future.  This was a very quick knit , less than two days, I guess I am a quick knitter some times.  When you shave your head or have no hair for whatever reason, a soft hat like this one is a sensual indulgence.  I was very happy with the way it turned out and with my photographic adventure.  I could have done a bit more to make the photographs more Catalog, but hey I have to get ready for my trip to LambTown tomorrow.  There will be pictures and maybe I will get some yarn, we shall see.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and the Beret and if you are not on Ravelry, go and sign up, it is a fantastic resource for knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers. Thanks for stopping by!
TauronAtumnBeretNAchair (22)

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