Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Caprican Cardi WIP 1

CapricanardiBackWIP (5)
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It's a Cardigan and it is from Lionbrand, it is the NorthShore Cardigan and it is a very nice Cardigan indeed. It has no pockets, but that will be a breeze to make , because? Well as you may have remembered, I started the Carlitos Cardigan A while ago. Since then I have seen at least two. Two of my friends were able to decipher the incognita of this pattern, even after it was republished the pattern assumes a lot from the knitter. The Charts are too small for my old eyes lol, but nonetheless you can see them. To make a long story short, I could not get motivated to continue making the cardigan, so I decided to frog it. I don't mind a pattern that is complicated, but I want to be able to make the pattern without having to figure out much. A pattern that requires a lot of garment knowledge is definitely not a pattern that I can tackle, because I know how to sew, but making sweaters and cardigans is a different story. The Carlito would benefit from better instructions or rather chat from the author. One thing I noticed right away from my friends cardigans , is that the bottom part of the cardigan could have been made with smaller needles. It is definitely a tight fit.

Anyway here is the NorthShore which is a beautiful pattern that I know I am enjoying making, no matter how much I hate purling , lol, it is still worth it to see the beauty of this pattern coming alive. I am using Wool ease in the mushroom colorway and I am hoping to have this Cardigan done by Halloween. Thanks for stopping by!

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