Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three plies then two plies

The curious part about making this yarn is the end product.  Sometimes when you make yarn is so easy to make thin yarn almost like hair, but I try to test the plies to make sure they are sturdy and then go from there.  I got this Sampler from the MSKR 2010 because I enjoy spinning a lot and I want to practice as much as I can.  I ended up with the singles of home spun or drop spindle spun.  The gold was a bit thicker so I was not surprised that I ran out of it, but no problem, there will be two plies for a bit longer.  Once I measured the 3 ply I had 66 yards of 3 plies.
3ply66yds (3)

I did not get scared when I ran out of the gold, because I broke the yarn and then there were two plies, so I continued for another 75 yards with two plies, until the red burgundy ended and then there was only one single.  This was no problem at all.  Wonder Mike prepared me for this, I was able to Navajo ply the blue and have some extra 3 plied yarn , that I use to hold the skeins together.  Spinning can become obsessive, well you can become obsessed with spinning, but I can tell you that I find it a wonderful craft.  I find my quiet center in the twirls of the spinning and the plying is more fun than I imagined. Thanks for stopping by!
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