Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spinning to Dye

Spinning and Dyeing are lots of fun, specially if you are dyeing with Kool Aid.  The First Picture that you see is 100% silk roving turned into yarn and dyed with grape flavor Kool Aid. Even though is food coloring you need to be careful and wear a mask.  Kool Aid is not meant to be aspired lol!

GrapeKoolaidiSilkWool (1)
This other blend that you see above is a combination of silk and wool.  The silk is the shinny yarn ply.  The other ply was plain wool and it was red, so over dyeing it with the grape color was a no problem situation.
GrapeKoolAIdCamelSilk (2)
Here you have a blend of 50/50 Camel - Silk, it was first dyed with some natural dye, but let me tell you that I did not like the way the carded this roving.  It did not look blended and it was not blended. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is a choice and one I am not going to be making in the future.  The fiber felt gummy and tacky to the hands as I was trying to spin.  I spun some on the spindles , then I spun the rest on the wheel.  I over dyed this with the grape kool aid and some of it turned dark brown and some has a purplish hue, deeper than before, but the yarn is not soft, maybe after I condition it with hair conditioner , it may change. Long story short it was a waste of my money, but I learned that whenever I see this kind of mixture that feels like this one did, not to buy at all.
This was mixture of blue Kool Aid ply with a white ply, regular wool, corriedale by the way.  I wanted to see how Lemonade yellow Kool Aid will over dye the blue and what would happen to the white.  No surprises there.  I really enjoy spinning and dyeing yarn and hope to teach it some day. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.  Stay tune as I am almost ready to have my blue Kool Aid Yarn singles plied next day or so and when I get to set the twist, I will be over dyeing it with some yellow and orange kool aid, what will happen?  You will have to come back to see. Thanks for stopping by!

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