Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tauron Herbivore Shawl et Socks

This is the Herbivore by Stephen West aka WestKnits. It is a shawl that is a wrap that is a scarf in a pinch. In other words a very versatile garment which I am hoping to make more than once. I already have the other yarn selected. This is how I am blocking this guy until tomorrow. I may use some steam as well. It is made out of sock yarn and I appreciate that a lot. Thank you for a great pattern that gives us a taste of the wicked Twisted rib. This is a pattern for you if you want to see this kind of rib in all its glory.
Picons (1)
Here come my Picon 'sLover socks and I will tell you I love this pattern so much I already started a third pair on the needles. This time I am using  my Wabi Sabi with a touch of Cashmere. Thanks for stopping by.

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