Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Noro Kureyon, Socks , WIP and More

DiceBags (2)

I can tell you that I had no idea what Noro Kureyon is good for, but I found this nice Dice bag that I can make. I was also discussing the fact with other Friends of my Monday Night Group and they suggested a bath mitt, a dish cloth and so on for the Noro Kureyon. It is not a bad idea as this yarn is very rough. I like the colors, but I can definitely say to you that this is not the yarn for my socks, it feels like you have sand in your shoes and we al know how uncomfortable that is. Noro Silk Garden and other Noro yarn are very soft and kind to your skin, but this Noro is better left for exfolliating, lol!
On the Other Hand this Paca-Peds H-T yarn is fantastic and super soft. It is about 25 percent alpaca, 50 superwash merino and 25 nylon , or close to that and let me tell you it wears like a cloud. I am working on my second sock as you can tell and from all the yarns that I have used to make socks, this one is the one I would pick in a heartbeat. I still have some sock yarns to try, Malabrigo, Wabi Sabi an others, so I will review them as well. SO far I will say that I will buy Paca -Peds without a question. I am making this on US 1 and this is the perfect gauge for me to make socks.
I am also doing some spinning for the Tour De Fleece. This is a BorderLeicester with Mohair 50/50 and I am a bit over 50 % done. Spinning is about practice, don't be fooled by thinking that you can just wing it. I learned that you can spin 15 minutes every day and you will get a lot done. Spin on a wheel or spin on a spindle , you will benefit from the skills you learn, then when the world ends on 2012, you can say I will survive. lol! If you have not seen Toy Story 3 on 3D , you don't know what you are missing. If this is the new way of the 3D world this is a very high standard. The glasses are different and the technology is a bit different than the old 3D.
Finally and thanks to my designer friend Kate Godffrey from OKAYKATE.COM I was able to have something to give people to remember me by that is helpful for their crafts. It is a Lavender Sachet, very cleverly done. I manage to have the no Sewing version, let's see how it keeps. Last ,but not the least I am clearing my Library and selling some books on EBay and I thought this was a very clever way of documenting the way the books look before they get bought. Thanks for stopping by!

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