Sunday, June 20, 2010

San Mateo Cty Fair,Crochet & Father's Day

All in all today is father's day.  I wish all of you out there in the cyber world and the regular world Happy Father's day.  There are some guys that are greater father's without having the opportunity of having children of their own, I salute you as well. To my two brothers on the earth plane J. Andres , S. Noel and to my brother who just passed away a few weeks ago.  Yep his name was Andres as well he died at an early age of about 55; my father who is  still alive, by the wonders of life, loved his name, but I am not here to talk about him, not much positive to say, if you have read my blog you will understand why.  This Sunday finds me content and waking up from a dream in which I was travelling in a bus that had first class, dishes and everything lol!
This was our area at the San Mateo County Fair.  Lots of people came in and walk by, stopped and talked to us.  Our main purpose was to promote crochet though the Men Who Crochet Chapter of the CGOA, which is the parent organization.
Here we got Mattie standing on the the left of the table, Penny which is sitting down , she is amazing after having a hip replacement done, and Cay who is looking in the bag for something, I forget what it was lol!

Here I was sitting bringing some of my hats for show, my hats are the ones laying flat on the table among other things that I crochet.  I was making a demonstration of Tapestry Crochet and I got so many compliments it was nice.  This was not a good day for me as I left my computer at home in need of  having to re-install the whole system again, and I will be doing that twice again until like today, I am happy with the results.
What a great experience , even as I was not feeling the greatest, my life is just taking such an interesting road, but here I am walking and making that road forward.  I am creating a new pattern and as I was creating, writing it down, lots of people stopped to watch and asked me about my hats.
Tom another of the members of the group was there with us demonstrating crochet as well. Tom is part of my Monday Night Knit group at the Cafe Trieste in San Francisco.

These are some of the Items exhibited at the fair which won prizes, there are two more cases with crochet items there.  I did not enter any of my hats.  You can see here the Crazy Eight Vest by Cay, in the Noro Colorway and a Vest and some sweaters by Peter Franzi aka HookerBear
We had a lot of people that stopped by the table , but only few brave souls that came to learn how to crochet and Cay was so kind as to help them to learn.  Here she is teaching a lady how to make a coaster and by the end of the lesson she made one.
This was my first San Mateo County Fair and it was interesting, I was glad I was inside, there were a lot of people on the grounds.  Cotton Candy, but I lied the fresh cotton candy, not the already made.  It just does not tastes the same. 
The are we were at was full of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen.  If you lie quilts you would have enjoyed this building we were in.  There were a lot of quilts, not as many as they could have had I bet.  All in all it was a fun experience that I will be happy to volunteer again for.  I was able to take the train all the way down to withing blocks of this fair and that was something I enjoyed.  I hope toi have some more exciting things to show tomorrow, which I have, but not for today. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Father's Day!

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