Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New Earth Head & neck gear

This is what I was up to in the past two days, amazing how quickly you can knit something up.  The neckwarmer on the above picture, is my own pattern that you can find here for sale for $ 4.00 and it is great for a Father Day's gift. Just click on the Buy Now link below. This is the old pattern, the newest version is done with 3 buttons and let's you customize it for many sizes.

It was a challenge to do something from one of your favorite TV series.  Mine was Galactica and since I have been watching the Episode in which they find Earth , this is what  Earth Looked like to them, gray, black and radioactive.  My yarn is not radio active, it is my homespun, is Doctor Phlox , which I made a 4 ply and knitted this baby up in a day, less than a day actually.  The pattern is called the Armando Hat.

Here is my combo for the new Earth of the 13th Tribe.  The neckwarmer is another four ply spun very tight, I also added a 5th ply of kid mohair, because I thought it was too boring.  Before all this, the yarn was overdyed in gray and it has some beautiful hues of the color all around, darl gray you will notice, but gray indeed. Thanks for stopping by!

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