Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gauge , June and WIP

Gauge , what do you mean , not an exciting picture? June arrives silent like a lambe , but will come out roraing like a Lion.  I am hoping to have two patterns published by the end of the month, one in Tapestry Crochet, One of the Philosopher's hats is tickling my brain to come out in print and one in Knit Lace Scarf was unraveilng itself as I was on the treadmill yesterday.  It happens and you have to grab inspiration by the tail as we say in Spanish when it is close by.

The gauge swatch that you see if from the Carlito Cardigan, which is a free pattern if you are on Ravelery and can be found HERE .  As I suspected it I need to go down a needle size for the pattern to work for me.  This is a fantastic challenge for me at this time and I took it as a 3 month challenge.  One of the positive things of going to the Men Knitting Retreats is the exchange of ideas on site. I am hoping to have this as a show and tell for my Fall Knitting Retreat Along with my Shawl and Scarf and definitely a hat or two.
I am also doing some drop spindle spinning and the above is a Navajo plied alpaca tri color skein.  Navajo Plying is a great way of preserving color changes and making a fast 3 ply yarn.  There is also the San Mateo Fairgrounds Fair which I volunteered to be  at, but sometimes is more of a bother than the joy of volunteering.  Sometimes you don't feel that people really appreciate the fact of  the traveling and money you spend to be a volunteer, feeling unappreciated by one of my groups. It seems that the same people volunteer all the time and I can see why they don't want to volunteer often. Well  back to work, I will be making a great effort in making this month a very productive one for all my crafts including spinning.  Thanks for stopping by.

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