Friday, June 04, 2010

Carlito Cardigan and Blues et reds

The color is richer than the picture, but not that far from it. Hi and welcome to the coloring book of Crafty Andy.  One of the things I enjoy a lot is dye yarn.  I used Jacquard Acid Dyes or 3 colors, Chery Red, Crimson and a dash or drop or two of blue food coloring along side a bit of brown  to deepen the color.  If I was going to repeat the process I would have kept a better record.  Honestly in my opinion you need a chemistry set, because I am dealing with grams and milliliters here.  Dyeing yarn is not something done in a hurry and it becomes an art in itself.  I am very pleased with the color red above, very much so.  I may say is Cylon Red.

The blue is a combination of Sky Blue 3 parts to 1 part Emerald Green  and 5 drops of neon blue food coloring. Vinegar is an essential part of wool dyeing along with heat and lots of patience.  The blues and the reds tend to bleed a lot, this fellow spent about 18 hours in a vinegar dye bath, of those 14 where with direct heat, low mind you and one hour of high heat at the end, before cooling down for two hours or so.

My next knitting project is the Carlito Cardigan, The Agathon Cardigan as I call it.  Don't like the name Carlito has bad memories in it, lol!.  This is a very interesting pattern, but the cables are not unique.  The uniqueness of this pattern comes from the fact that it is done on the bias and that is what is attractive to me. I hope we can chat some more during the weekend as I embark on the project.  I do have some other projects that are crochet, but I am waiting for a yarn  that is coming my way.  The Burgundy Red Crimson is the other yarn I will use for my next Tapestry Crochet Hat, thanks for stopping by.

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