Wednesday, June 02, 2010

All Crimson Reds are not equal

I really enjoy playing with color and once you learn the trick of reds and blues you are in business.  Reds tend to bleed a lot, but mostly due to over saturated dye pot or not enough time cooking on the stove.
The first picture was my primordial soup of red crimson, it was actually  2 measures of Chery red, 1.5 of crimson red, two drops of neon blue in 250 ml of water , about 100 ml of vinegar and then that potion was remixed in the crock pot.
At this time 3 hours later in the crock pot, in low high for an hour and then in low until it go to the point of this second picture.  The color is rich and I will have to say that Vincent Ricci helped me a lot in understanding color, just by talking to me at the MSKR 2010. Vincent Ricci  aka Tipo Filato from  had some very nice looking yarn that he hand dyed and just talking to him at the retreat about yarn and dyeing was a very nice.  I got a lot of tips from him on how he allows his yarns to absorb dye and the different processes that he uses to set the dye on the yarn.  The biggest tip i learned from him was  Patience.  What's the rush? Slow heat, then you are able to manipulate the coloring and make it a masterpiece. Over dyeing is another fun part of dyeing, but that will be another post.  Thanks for stopping by!

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