Monday, April 26, 2010

Toe ups and Man's Shawl

Being a bit quiet during these days , maybe because I am turning 50 , maybe because I am busy as well.  I finished the Scorpia Memories Toe -Up socks and what a success they were.  I am very happy wit the outcome of the pattern that I modified from the  Antje Gillingham books.

This is my next challenge which is  a man's Scarf / shawl.  If you make it on fingering weight yarn  or worsted weight, depending on the needles that you use and the blocking technique you may have both.  I am aiming for a shawl like scarf.  It will be offered for sale soon, right now is in the testing stages.  I am hoping to make a woman's shawl as well, but that is in the world of ideas at the moment.  Don't be fooled it will be this  shawl with a bit of a twist so that it can be more delicate in its look than this one.  In the end , let it be said by me here, do not let anyone tell you what you can or can not wear it is your choice, designers have suggestions not mandates.  I will keep you posted and thanks for stopping by!

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