Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spin me Round & Round Baby

  I have had the opportunity of watching these  videos to enhance my Wheel Spinning   experience.  There are very different videos.  For the beginner spinner I will say that the  Maggie Casey and Eunny Jang DVD Set of 2 DVDs is a video beyond fantastic.  After taking a class in a local Yarn store, I can tell you that I did not get half the practice or information that I got from this video.  Maggie talks a bit soft, so you have to raise the volume, but otherwise it is a marvelous tool. The information in this set from Maggie and Eunny   will answer a lot of your questions, if not all of them, and will benefit you in a great manner. She starts from discussing the wool types, goes through the making singles, carding, woolen , worsted, rolags, parts of the wheel, maintenance of the wheel, tips and tricks with the wheel and the fleece, roving or batt.  This DVD set is the greatest class you will have without a hands on teacher, yet you can start to spin from watching the DVD.  Eunny and Maggie have a great raport and you get very involved in the playing along of this dvd. I am very glad that I purchased this dvd and will want to watch again.  It is always nice to watch this kind of dvds twice or more.  Take notes, it is a class after all.

So now we come to the one from Abby Franquemont which is a very good video , but is more for someone who already knows how to spin.  Abby will guide you through some of the steps of making yarn and gives you insights between the woolen and the worsted ways of making yarns.  You will enjoy the fact that abby makes yarn  making look very easy and makes it a lot more fun with her light hearted attitude.  Another video in which you can learn by watching her clear  demostrations.  SO if you are looking for a good video explanation for the long and short draw this video will be a great instructional video for you.  Thanks for stopping by!

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