Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spinning Lab March 2010

You may want to Search Amazon.com for yarn dyeing if you are interested in learning more or sign up for classes at one of your local yarn shops that works with natural dyes or acid dyes.  Eco Friendly is always nice and preferred..  This is Sunday and a beautiful day to go to the East Bay to take a class / labs on drop Spindle with Wonder Mike, from Fiber Beat, at A Verb For Keeping Warm  .  When I got there Kristine was cooking some beautiful colors and had something drying out in the open.  The plethora of colors was intoxicating, I wanted them all, lol!
Marcel, I believe that is his name is a French Angora rabbit, very cute bunny he was in our midst at the end of the class getting some needed excercise.  I took a class with 3 others at A Verb For Keeping Warm  ,
As always I learned a lot and got to have a good time with fellow spindlers, thanks for stopping by!

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